Active Transportation
What We Want:
Promote Safety
and comfort for both bikes and pedestrians on campus through the capability to make designated pathways
Reduce Stress
on parking capacity at the University by encouraging alternative modes of transportation on campus
Enable Progress
by providing funding to build pathways, fix the “Fix-it” stations, and support other projects in the network

How can you help?

"Active transportation (biking, walking, skateboarding) should be represented in the University’s transportation budget. Currently, no dedicated funding exists for active transportation amenities and pathways, maintenance of those amenities and pathways, or programmatic initiatives such as the bicycle collective, even though on the busiest week days of the academic year up to 15% of students coming to campus are using active transportation. We sign this petition because we want there to be dedicated annual funding for active transportation, representative of these students, and in line with the stated sustainability goals of the University of Utah. At no point should this funding increase student fees."

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Utah students signed the petition
Success: The Sustainability Scholars worked with ASUU to pass the Joint Resolution 2, calling on U of U administration to establish an active transportation budget to fund the 2011 Campus Bike Master Plan
See Joint Resolution