Alexis Kaili’s Nepal SEEDS Documentary

“With the help and support of the Capstone Initiatives program, I was able to put theoretical education from the classroom into practice during a summer learning abroad program in Nepal.  The Himalayan Film program, led by faculty member Amy Bronson, gave five students including myself the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a developing country with a strong culture and welcoming people.  Alexis Moon, Kennidy Hassell, Morgan Victorine, Mia Mortensen and I trekked to a rural village just outside of the country’s capital Kathmandu to gather footage and understand village life post-earthquake.  For my capstone experience, we created a short documentary film which showcases the health and welfare initiatives of the local non-profit Nepal S.E.E.D.S (Social Environmental Educational Development Service).  The Ivory Homes Capstone Initiatives fund made it possible for me to engage in an entrepreneurial approach in documentary filmmaking through real world application.  Giving underprivileged individuals a voice through digital storytelling has been a keystone piece of my undergraduate education at the university.  As I look forward to graduate school, I recognize that this experience has given me a new perspective on what it means to be an active citizen in my community and be part of our larger global village.”-



The Fallacy of Zero Waste Anything

A poem by Oliva Juarez:

Is seated in the inability for producers to realize the capital inherently devised of post-consumer


Is seated in the over-optimistic dogma, telling “if you are recycling then you are saving the planet.”

Because you’re not,

You’re just prolonging it’s passion.

and I sit, a giant, unwanted fallacy of recycled plastics

Waiting, longing, hoping

To be turned into a hair brush, or a pair of shoes.

But nobody wants me

except the Chinese

to turn into cheap, thinly sliced packaging

To dress your new colander

Which shall strain your lentil based pastas.

Couldn’t I be a colander too?

“Made in the USA!”

What a great creation my life would be

From yogurt cups and milk cartons

through Utah’s own post-consumer transforming facility.

But nobody can hear me

I cannot utter words

Except the joy of being separated

By the brown-skinned hands inside the MRF*

Enployees unseen.

Recources unrecovered.

Oh, Rocky Mountain Recycling

Over this wealth you hover

With nothing to do but harbor and prospect

That empty China-bound barges

Will call for the fruit of my idle petroleum.

*Pronounced, “murf”. An acronym for Material Recovery Facility.