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Alexis Kaili’s Nepal SEEDS Documentary

Aug 05

<span class="bp-first-letter">h</span>ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCYxHEupVyk&authuser=0 “With the help and support of the Capstone Initiatives program, I was able to put theoretical education from the classroom into practice during a summer learning abroad program in Nepal.  The Himalayan Film program, led by faculty member Amy Bronson, gave five students including myself the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a developing country with a strong culture and welcoming people.  Alexis Moon, Kennidy Hassell, Morgan Victorine, Mia Mortensen and I trekked to a

The Fallacy of Zero Waste Anything

Feb 09

A poem by Oliva Juarez:

Is seated in the inability for producers to realize the capital inherently devised of post-consumer


Is seated in the over-optimistic dogma, telling “if you are recycling then you are saving the planet.”

Because you’re not,

You’re just prolonging it’s passion.

and I sit, a giant, unwanted fallacy of recycled plastics

Waiting, longing, hoping