Idle Free Campus

Issue 1

Air Quality
Due to our geography, climate and growing population, poor air quality is a significant public health concern for those who live along the Wasatch Front. Eliminating air pollution is a top priority for University scholars, faculty and staff.

Issue 2

The temporary nature of idling renders traditional modes of enforcement inert; for example, in the five years that Salt Lake City passed it’s Idle Free ordinance, zero tickets have been issued for unnecessary vehicle idling.

Issue 3

Money & Myths
Members of the community do not often know all the facts about idling. Myths and misinformation further hinder effective response. Did you know 2 minutes of idling equals 1 mile of driving? Not many know how costly it is.
Vehicle exhaust makes up over 50% of the air pollution in Utah; unnecessary idling of cars and buses contribute a significant amount of emissions released into the air each day.
Our Response


Scholars is partnered with the University of Utah's Facilities Management to place 25 signs in idling hotspots on the University campus. University administration has also shown their support though the new Idle-Free-Campus ordinance.

Education Outreach

Meetings with campus vendors, University Facilities, campus Maintenance, and Commuter Services employees to increase awareness of our Idle Free initiative. We have also been encouraging community conversations about idling.

Positive Reminders

In our Cookie Outreach, we aim to have friendly conversations with people idling on campus. We remind campus members about Idle-Free campus with Idle-Free stickers with cookies donated courtesy of Dining Services.

Educate Yourself About Idle Free Campus

cAIR Packages
We hand out cookies, info slips, and stickers for students! These can be used for yourself or others as you encounter idling on campus. Pick up your own stickers or come pass them out with Scholars by emailing
The biggest change will come from community members talking to their friends and loved ones about idling. Simple, gentle reminders to reduce idling on campus will have huge impacts.