Pathway Naming
This is, at its heart, a wayfinding project.
Think back to your first time stepping on to the University of Utah’s campus. We didn’t know where we were, how to get to the building we needed to be in, or take directions based on building names with no spatial context. This initiative makes wayfinding on campus easier for all users by naming our campus pathways. Being able to identify what pathway you are on, and which pathway you need to take next, are basic needs for a university campus. With this initiative, we seek to make directions easier, give the university a sense of place, and welcome student involvement in naming their campus.
A Project For Students
Embedded in this wayfinding project is the opportunity to give people a sense of belonging and place as they explore campus. People can begin to relate to a place or path when it has a name. The Campus Pathway Naming Project seeks to give groups that have been historically under-represented on campus a sense of belonging by allowing them to name our walkways with meaningful words. In the spirit of this, we have stipulated in the joint resolution passed unanimously by ASUU that pathway names cannot be bought by donors— a student group on campus must choose each path name.
As the Sustainability Scholars have led this initiative, we hope to continue to facilitate the process of inviting student groups on campus to name pathways. Facilities management has already accepted the name our student group proffered, Common Ground, for the pathway that connects the UMFA and the Merrill Engineering building. We are collaborating with the Inter-Tribal Student Alliance to name the next pathways on campus. If you are a part of a student group and wish to name a pathway, please, get in contact with us.